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why replace carpet with hardwood floors or tile


So you currently have carpet.   The good news is that if its an older house you may have hardwood underneath it.   Which can be refinished and made to look new.   Other wise if it is just a sub floor you are in a perfect position to choose hardwood or tile flooring.  If you are needing to try and go a cheaper route there is always linoleum or vinyl flooring which all have their pros and cons.  But why would you consider getting rid of  your carpet?


As soon as you lay carpet it imminently deteriorates, and the more traffic it sees, the worse the effect. Many carpets can look ragged in as little as five years.  Most carpets have loops that can be pulled loose, and because of its woven nature, once a carpet begins unraveling it quickly gets worse, rather than better. It is very difficult to repair carpet. Replacing it completely is often necessary.


Why not just have it cleaned?  Even the most extensive Cleaning, generally only yields Minimal Results.  Plus carpets require regular intensive cleaning – daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, with extensive, expensive aids, chemicals and equipment. The bad news is that they tend to be a one-way street. Given enough time and traffic, they will always matt and become increasingly difficult to care for.


Even with regular care, particles of all sorts – dirt, dust, grime, grit and the like – sift and sink through the weave and pad and settle near the floor. Dampness from accidents, traffic and even carpet shampooing can actually increase the dampness, rot and growth of mildew and more.   At R&T Flooring we can tell you countless horror stories of how nasty it is to remove. 


Then you have the Allergy aspect.   Carpet is an Allergy suffer worst Nightmare. They’re a constant source of irritating dander, dust, fluff, fur, mildew, mold and pollen. Dust mites, especially, love carpet.

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